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Scams can happen to anyone at any time. A scam is when someone tries to get money from a person by sending them fake emails or fake letters or even calls people to pretend to be someone else on the telephone. Some scams happen on your own door steps. There are many of these sorts of scams but some of the most common are fake lotteries, fake prize draws or sweep stakes, clairvoyants, computer scams, and romance scams. The criminals attempt to trick people with flashy, official looking documents or websites, or convincing telephone sales patter, with the aim of getting them to send a money or to pay postal or insurance costs, buy an overvalued product or make a premium rate phone call. Doorstep scams are crimes carried out by bogus callers, rogue traders and fake sales people who call, often uninvited, at people's home pretending to be a genuine  business or trade.

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Published by : Kathryn Littlewood

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