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An autism alert card or passport is a document you can carry to help communicate your needs as an autistic/neurodivergent individual to police officers or other officials when you are away from home. The card typically contains your details and advice for the officer you are speaking to. Alert card schemes are run in most police areas across the UK.

Some police forces have similar initiatives:

Safe Places, as used by Avon & Somerset Police, assists the card holder to get in touch with police if needed, and links to a network of local safe locations such as police stations and council offices
The Pegasus system, used by Nottinghamshire Police and a number of other Forces, features a database shared with other 999 emergency services and a card with a unique PIN to allow emergency calls to be made quickly. Pegasus was developed by Paralympian Chris Channon

Here is a list of alert card schemes covering the UK – for information on how to join, you find the the A-Z list here.

For those areas not yet covered by a local scheme, the following links may be useful:

“I am Autistic” card (purchase from the National Autistic Society & free PDF download)
As schemes are constantly being developed and updated,

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Friday, 13th May 2022

Accessing Health Events

We want to talk to people about their experiences of health services and have a series of events during the weeks of 16th and 31st May to find out what people with a learning disability or Autistic and carers, think about healthcare in Sheffield.

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