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Disability hate crime has been steadily rising over the last 20 years and last year Yorkshire was said to have the highest number of disability hate crime incidents in the whole of the country. Sheffield Voices feel that to make things better we have to educate our children and make them aware of how hate crime affects people's lives.  Our one-hour awareness sessions which we have taken into secondary schools in Sheffield has had a big impact. 

Our training has been funded by South Yorkshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Evan Cornish (need to put logos here) 

This is what people have said: 

 'I no longer want to be the bully boy and I am going to stop hurting people as I know now that it is a very bad thing to do' 


'This training has been excellent for our school. It's great to hear people with learning disabilities experiences and see them deliver the training' Kind Egberts


'I have learned that one mean word can affect a person for life and that we need to accept that everyone is different' 

'I learned that people need to stop bullying and look out for people being bullied and that we should treat others how we would want to be treated' 

 'I want Sheffield to be a safe place'

Doctor and patient on phone

Friday, 13th May 2022

Accessing Health Events

We want to talk to people about their experiences of health services and have a series of events during the weeks of 16th and 31st May to find out what people with a learning disability or Autistic and carers, think about healthcare in Sheffield.

Read Morefor Accessing Health Events

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