The Big Voice Conference- Thank you!

A picture of the big voice conference

We started the day worried no one would turn up bit within an hour were more worried that we hadn't got enough tables, chairs and food fir everyone. Over a 100 people turned out for our event and we loved every single minute of it.

We are some games, Fact or Fiction, everyone got a chance to talk if they wanted and tell us what they did and what they are proud about. We had 

a lovely lunch that sadly wasn't pizza bit was still nice and we just had enough for everyone. We then talked about the Good Lives Framework and how we are trying to help everyone have a good life because that's what we all deserve. 

We played the Good Lives Snakes and Ladders game which was fun, and a few people got to talk and tell us what good support looks like for them and what are the things that stop people living a good life. 

People around the table talking. Christine and Kate from the council talked about the Learning Disability Partnership Board and read out the long list of people who have been chosen as Reps.

 A Speaker talking to people in the room

For us it's about connections. Connecting people to each other is the best way to ensure people have a good life. When we are connected, we get to find out what's out there to make good choices about how we want their lives to look. We can tell people if we don't feel safe or worried and we can find out about opportunities that make all our lives better and we can make more friends

We've been trying for over a year now to bring people in Sheffield together again. It worked a long time ago but when this Government started the devastating withdrawing of money form self-advocacy projects some 12 years ago, people have become isolated.


Today we feel proud that we have made some real progress in connecting people. This is a start and 2024 will be bigger and better. 
Thanks to everyone who came. 

Thanks to everyone who volunteered for the full day, Cathy Spencer, Penny Capper, Andrew Smith, Katie Evans Driver and Gill Bell. 
Thank you also to all the Ambassadors from Sheffield Voices to which we owe so much. Without the guys, we could not do all the things we do
I don't think we could be prouder leading this amazing enterprise.


Published by : Kelly Scargill

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