You're Not my Mate

You’re not My Mate is a project funded by the Sheffield Safer Partnership for the Hate Crime Theme Group HCTG in 2022.  

Our group of self-advocates exists to bring people together who have a learning disability or are Autistic to have a stronger voice and to create connections with each other to improve people's lives and keep people well and safe. 

Over the last few years, we have worked with many people in the community and like most of our group members, we found out that many people with a learning disability have been victims of hate and mate crime. 

For the purpose of this project, we wanted to focus our attention on mate crime for adults with a learning disability. 

What we found was that: 

People do not always know or understand what mate crime is

People do not know who to tell or how to report it 

People are afraid of telling someone. 

We want to give people tools to understand mate crime better so they will be better equipped to protect themselves and get help so we have created a fully interactive downloadable workshop that you can download and use with your own group. 

The workshop is planned for two hours but you can pick and choose which elements you wish to use. 

I have also included a quiz which is not on the session plan which you might like to do with your group following the workshop to check levels of understanding. 

Included in this pack is: 

You're Not my Mate Session Plan PDF

Mate crime PowerPoint

Game Board PNG

Fake or friend cards Zip FIle

A printable reporting letter 

A printable certificate to hand out to participants

YouTube film created by Lewisham People First 

Link to Stop Hate UK 

Link True Vision reporting website 




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