Ice cream Bliss

Ice Cream Bliss

Vanilla with a 99 flake -
Bought from Morrisons
I love to eat ice cream in the garden with Sammy and Tilly!
They love ice cream too. 

Chocolate brownie or battenburg flavour
From Di Meos in Whitley Bay or Newcastle
They sell cakes and coffee too.
If it's sunny, eat it on the prom near the sea! 

Cookies and Cream flavour vegan Ben and Jerry's
With peanut butter - an occasional treat! 
Eaten in a bowl or in a tub at home on the sofa. 

Memories of running for an ice cream van
With a handful of coins!
But I love to hunt for bargain ice creams! 
Mint and choc chip, chocolate fudge. 
Swedish Glace ice cream with its reusable tubs. 

Cherry ice cream 

If it cost 99p, it would be very cheap
Everything's going up,
including ice cream and beer!
I was eating it peacefully,
And then a seagull nicked it! 

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